Women’s Motorcycle Shirt Buying Tips


While surfing the web this morning as I sipped my coffee, I came across these great tips for buying women’s motorcycle shirts that are perfect for riding.

  • Avoid loose frills, ribbons and trim that could distract you or get caught in a moving part of your bike. Distracting yes, dangerous… definitely.
  • Avoid sequins around your neckline. Those babies will heat up in the sun and cause a nasty reflection and possible burn. If they are too close to your skin, they can also cause abrasions due to your bike’s vibrations.
  • Stay away from any materials such as beads, buttons, or other rough materials in places that will rub you the wrong way. Because of your bike’s vibrations and the wind, you need to be aware of anything that will cause friction on your skin. Not only can it be painful, but it is very distracting. You don’t want to be messing and fidgeting with your clothes and lose your focus. Even tags in the back of your shirt can be annoying. Lose the tags.
  • Don’t wear shirts that are too big or too loose. The wind will whip right through them and you will look like a balloon. This is also dangerous because it can cause you can lose control and that is definitely not a good thing. Just stick to tops that are more of a tight fit and sleeves that have snug cuffs. That should help keep the air out. Plus, you will avoid the flapping and irritation of your shirt beating you up as you go down the road.

See you on the road my friends!!!!!    Regina, Steel Cowgirl


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