Now and then I have to pinch myself…

Now and then I have to pinch myself.  The fact that you are here and believe in Steel Cowgirl is such a blessing.  Some people ask “what is Steel Cowgirl?” well, I could easily say it’s a line of women’s motorcycle clothing featuring my original artwork in sizes S-5X, BUT it’s really so much more.  First and foremost it’s a drama free zone.  We aren’t a club, no membership or clicks, we are rather a way of life and thinking.  We are women that lift eachother up rather than break eachother down.  We are are a bit zaney and don’t take life too seriously.  It’s all about being there for eachother for the good and bad. So my sisters of the heart and wind, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and rocking Steel Cowgirl Apparel.  Without you there is no Steel Cowgirl and I never forget that.

Love you all! xo Regina


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