Don’t Hide Those Boots!

Cowboy boots are all the rage these days and they are getting fancier and fancier, almost like works of art.  Because of this I hate putting them away when I’m not wearing them.  I confess, I have a bit of a boot fetish!  So what can you do with them…add them to your decor of course.

Here are my newest babies placed atop of my storage boxes.  The top box is jewelry, next I store bras that I don’t wear every day and the bottom are belts.  It tucks them out of the way and looks great!


Another way to display your boots is on a wall sconce.  I got this one at hobby lobby.  Make sure it’s deep enough to hold them, placing them at an angle works best.


Lastly I bought this shabby chic shelf and placed it on top of my dresser. Love the chicken wire!


Now go dig out your boots or even fab shoes and get to decorating!  Have fun xo Regina


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